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  B.V.Rama Krishna Rao.M.Sc, CA
Aug 5, 2015

I Have come from India to my daughter’s house at San Diego CA. During my visit to Los angels recently there at Indian village, I came in contact with your FREE magazine SIDDHI times. I have gone through it and found it Highly informative on religious, spiritual, and devotional topics. Your efforts must be highly appreciated. I request you to send me your FREE magazine SIDDHI times regularly every month.


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     Makara jyothi Darshan

to Hindu beliefs and faiths, Lord is the son of Lord Shiva and Lord He was adopted by the King of . By Lord we can get very good meditating skills and sharpen our brain. First let us see the brief history of Lord . Once there was a great and cruel female devil named or replica rolex daytona watches . She got a boon from Brahma. The boon stated that she cannot be killed by anybody other than the son born to Lord Shiva and Lord. She was torturing all the and the humans. Unable to bear the torture of , the Devas sought refuge in Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva converted himself into a sage and Lord Ayyappan into a child and reached the banks of River Pampa. While , the m, was on a hunting expedition, he came near the banks of River Pampa. He had no kids.He heard the wail of a small child and reached the banks of Pampa. He saw a sage standing beside a child on the banks of the river. The sage instructed the king to take the child and bring him up as his own son. Since, the child had golden chain with a bell, the child was named Manikantan (Mani - Bell, Kantan - around the neck).Rajashekara Pandian was overjoyed and brought the child to his palace. In the meanwhile, the queen gave birth to a boy child named Raja Raja.Manikantan was learning all the shastras from the Raja Guru of Pandalam. The Raja Guru of Pandalam had a male child who was dumb. Manikantan gave speech to the Guru\'s child in the form of offering to the Guru (Guru Dakshina). Apprehensive, that the Kingdom http://www.watchfulllength.com will be handed over to the eldest male child (Manikandan), the queen tried many ways to get Manikandan killed. After all her attempts proved futile, based on the advice of the prime minister, the Queen acted as if she had an incurable headache. The Royal Doctor (Vaidya) was called upon. The Doctor according to the wishes of the queen said that he needs the milk of a tigress to cure this illness. Manikanta promised to get the milk and went into the forest. Lord Indira and the other devas met Manikanta in the forest and requested him to slay Mahishi. Manikanta engaged a fight with Mahishi and slayed the female devil.panerai replica watches Lord Indira took the form of a tiger and the other Devas became tigers and tigeresses and Manikanta started his journey back to the Kingdom of Pandalam. On reaching the Kingdom of Pandalam, the King, the Queen, the minister and the doctor realised who Manikantan was and sought his forgiveness.

Manikantan told the King Rajashekara Pandian that having accomplished his mission for having born as a human being, it is time for him to leave to the forests. Manikantan asked the king to construct a temple in Neeli Malai (the original name of Sabari Malai). King Rajashekara Pandian under guidance from Vishwakarma (the architect for Lord Indira) got a temple constructed in Sabari Malai.The kingasked a boon from Lord Ayyappan. The boon is, the lord should decorate himself on the first day of theTamil/Malayalam month Makaram every yearwith the golden ornaments presented to theLord by the king. The Lord granted it. The Devas and Rishis also requested Lord to bless them on the same day in the shape of a “Jyothi”(small flame of fire). The Lord granted that also. This day is celebrated in all theAyyappan shrines. .
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