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  B.V.Rama Krishna Rao.M.Sc, CA
Aug 5, 2015

I Have come from India to my daughter’s house at San Diego CA. During my visit to Los angels recently there at Indian village, I came in contact with your FREE magazine SIDDHI times. I have gone through it and found it Highly informative on religious, spiritual, and devotional topics. Your efforts must be highly appreciated. I request you to send me your FREE magazine SIDDHI times regularly every month.


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Vedic Astrology

Swapna saasthram.  

The Atharva Vedic astrology has a lot of sub clauses in it. One of those clauses is dealing with the dreams. In Sanskrit it is called as “Swapna Saastram”. The dreams have many meanings. Swamiji Sri.Selvam Siddhar (Dr.Commander Selvam) explains a lot about dreams on the basis of Atharva Veda. Let us read about this wonderful science through the words of Sri.Siddhar (Dr. Commander Selvam). 

The “Maha Rishi Kabala Muni”, one of the authors of Atharva Veda is one of the main disciples of the great sage Sri.Agasthiyar. He has written a wonderful Saastra/ theme about the dreams and their meanings, and the same is still in the old palm scripts and not yet published anywhere in the world. The palm scripts came to me from my “Maha guru Sri Chinnappa Siddhar” and being the Guru Parampara and the next successor of the Ashram, I had an opportunity to read and utilize the same for the benefits of the mankind. I like to give some important features about the Dreams exclusively for the readers, which I hope, are the most useful for all human beings.  

The dreams are so much connected to our future, or some times, it would be a warning for the expected problems. The dreams are divided in to 4 different segments of Dreams. One is at the time, which happens, immediately, as soon as we sleep. The second one happens at the mid night or called as rendaam jaamam. The 3 rd one occurs in the early morning. The 4 the one occurs in the afternoon or evening times. . We need not worry about any kinds of dreams come to us after the sun light and before the sun set. . The Dreams occur in the night always are related to our past life or to the last incarnation. The mid night dreams have got connection with our present life. The early morning dreams, lot of time related to our present life and lot of times, could be the warning for the forthcoming issues. Rishi Sri Kabala Muni has divided the dreams in to 74 parts, and even to my experience with my followers, devotees, all of their different kinds of Dreams are falling within the 74 segments. I would be able to give only crispy ideas here. Temple related dreams; If we see, a large temple, implies that, we are going to get miracles or excellent Gods’ grace very soon.    

If we see the closed temple, or no body in the temple and we are the only people, implies that, we would be getting lot of hurdles and bad luck in our different issues, and the same could be settled by proper advice and rituals through an Atharva Veda scholar. If we are getting a dream like opening the Pooja room or the door of any spiritual place, implies that, we are going to get in to some new business or job. If we see lot of temple ceremony crowds, implies a business/ job opportunity and if we see that we are standing in the crowds implies that, somebody is going to come to us to give great help. Bell sound and bells related dreams. If we hear a big bell sound either from the temple or from any sources imply that, all of our problems and stress in the life is going to be settled very soon, and also it implies that, again we should not get in to the problems or causing stress to somebody. Green trees or Tree Avenues; seeing some kinds of Avenues with lot of Trees or Green leaves implies that, we are going to have excellent new baby in our life. Chances to get some huge money from the unexpected channels, winning lotto, getting money from the Politicians are the possibilities.    

Seeing in the dreams about Raja, (government people) Elephant, Horse, Cow, Bull, Gold would give Dhana laabam (excellent immediate wealth), lucky children, traveling to the holy places. Dreams like you are riding or happened to climb bull, elephant, mountains, tree and dreaming like garbage or split of other person fall on our body and seeing blood, dead body, and prostitute would yield a special benefit or quick luck, betterment of the health, or would absorb new cloths. Seeing a very low cadre people ( in India we call them as scheduled caste people) or the cleaning persons come with dangerous instruments to fight with us, - soon we would get lot of health related problems. . Feeling like, we clean the home with cow dung and praying, would yield unnecessary feeling about robbers and bad peoples. .Happened to see a pundit comes to the home who is not married, chances are to get fire problems or accidents.    

Climbing on a tree with lot of flowers and fruits gives siddhi- definite success in our endeavors. Snake climbing on the right shoulder is the symbol for definite success to get gold/ money, or getting new children. Eating on the walls or crossing the border of sea in any means of transportation, gives an unexpected promotion or the increment in the job. Seeing snake or cancer means getting money or success. Seeing like eating the sweet on the Lotus Leaf, the person is going to be a Millionaire soon. Seeing like catching the birds, would yield to enjoyment with a new girl or lady and all the material blessings.    

Seeing like drinking or making Liquor and seeing or getting or giving Blood would yield Excellent Education or wealth. Seeing dheepam (dhiya), Bird, Umbrella, Chaamaram and Prostitute will bring definite success in the action or job. Seeing like having the intestine of a human being around us means the concerned person will become the leader for the place, town, country, or Nation. Seeing like traveling in the carts having Donkey, Camel, or Buffalo means death is soon. Seeing Thaamboolam, (Marriage Plate), Sandal or Sandal Paste, Curd 

(Yogurt), Pearls, Flowers will bring excellent growth of wealth.  Fruit tress/ forest Dreams; if we happened to see trees or fruits, which we are using in our day to day life reflects that, we are going to have sudden “Kubera Sampatthu” (great wealth) and all kinds of material wealth very soon. Seeing an Accountant or a writing person; these kinds of dreams reflects that, any kind of Court cases are going to be ended to our favor. The persons with some kinds of Arts back ground would be getting awards and lot of money too. Police station/ police/ legal buildings; If we happened to see a police station, police, court buildings, lawyer office, reflects that, soon we are going to get in to some kinds of court cases, or litigations. We should be very careful in all kinds of financial transactions, property related, and Business related deals. Otherwise, we would be put in to lot of hard ships. Flowers; if we happened to see flowers, means, lot of happiness is going to be started. If we happened to see that, a small girl is presenting Flowers, means, love success, seeing a girl putting flowers on other girls/ ladies on their head, reflects happy understanding between the couples is going to happen. Beautiful girl; seeing a beautiful girl in the Dreams reflects the Happiness in the Life.      

If we happened to see a girl entering our home with good / subha products on her hands reflects that, some kinds of happy ceremony in the house is going to happen very soon. Marriage, age attainment for the girls, getting a property is the possibilities. Girl with lot of Jewelleries; if we happened to see a girl entering our home with lot of jewellery reveals that, we are going to get huge assets from some of our relatives or from the ancestors.  It also reflects some kinds of will deeds too. Beggar; if we happened to see that we are doing begging on the roads, reflects that, chances to get in to Bankruptcy, or somebody could cheat us. For the Business people it reflects that loosing our business and for the Job people loosing our job or de promotion etc., For an Industrialist, chances to get either labor strike or big labor court cases. 

Dreams related to Spirits, Evils, fights, death, and Gods. House birds; If we have a dream related to the usual House pets/ birds, means, that, we are just wasting our excellent smartness and some times the Husband always controls us by the Wife or. Aggressive Birds. Seeing some kind of Aggressive Birds like Eagle etc. Reflects that, soon we are going to get into heavy troubles by our own surroundings or by the close circle of friends. It also reflects that, we will not be in a position to understand who is initiating, the concerned negative ness or Black Magic around us. Hunting the birds; having a dream like Hunting or Shooting Birds or Animals reflects that, we are unnecessarily disturbing somebody and bothering somebody, and the same should be avoided. Birds/ Animals escape; if we see like some kinds of birds or Animals are escaped from our Possession reflects that, we are going to have lot of relief from the long-standing issues and problems. Sandal Paste; if we happened to see that, we are pasting a good Sandal wood powder on our Body reflects that, we are going to get excellent name and fame very soon in our carrier and lot of chances to get the prizes from the Government or from the Employer. If we Dream like, we are putting Sandal paste on Somebody’s body, means, we are going to get into the clutches of the opposite Sex and the opposite person is going to use us for all sexual pleasures.      

Umbrella; if we happened to see an Umbrella related Dreams reflects that, we are going to get a permanent stable life very immediately or we are going to have a permanent job, or chances to get back our loans, which are uncollected for a long time. Chances to get away from financial burdens too. Meeting a Stranger; this dream elects that, we are going to get an excellent Status in our life very soon. Even our enemies are going to be very thick friends soon. Chances to get somebody to help our life struggle too. Injury related Dreams. If we dream like we had some kinds of hurt in the body and the injury is only inside, reflects that, we sooner or latter, is going to have lot of problems from the secret enemies. Lot of chances to get in to highest mental stress. In the business to get in to Bankruptcy or to get in to legal litigations etc., if we happened to see an accident for us or lot of blood from our Body reflects that, we are going to have excellent name and income from some source. Money would flow like waterfalls. Seeing a dream like getting a bandage for the injury reflects that, we are going to get cheated by somebody very soon. Carpet’; Seeing a Carpet reflects that some one who is very close to us, is going to die and at the same time, the same person is going to give some kinds of good wealth to us. It is something like somebody is getting huge funds from somebody, and the person who gave loan die suddenly without informing to his people that, the concerned loan or some kinds of payments made to us. 

These are just hints to tell about the Swapna Saastram or dream science. The bad effects of the bad dreams can be converted as good effects and the having of bad dreams are also eradicated by the Atharva Veda Thantric rituals.   To know more and more about dreams and the results of the dreams, contact Swamiji Sri.Selvam Siddhar ( Dr. Commander Selvam ) @toll free 1-800-574-3427 or Hindu Temple of Georgia @ 770-447-9393 ext – 0 or email to avtemple@aol.com 


Jathaka Yogams (benefits from the Planets Grahams) according to the different positions of the Grahams /Planets in our Horoscope/ Janma kundali/ Jaathakam. There are nearly 333 Yogams as per “Rishi Akasthiya”. I am going to give only few YOGAMS and their implications.  The first Part is Chandra yogams (moon yogams/ benefits). The first one among the above is’ dhru-dooraa yogam’.  It means, If any one has other Grahams immediately prior and after to the Moon / Chandra in the Raasi except Surya (Sun) Raaghu and Kethu. It means the concerned person would get excellent wealth, automotive, good character Etc., The second is “Anabaa yogam” It means if any Grahams in the 12 Th. House in the Raasi from the Moon (Chandra), except Raaghu and Kethu. This Yogam gives excellent and great name, fame and very good health conditions. The 3 rd is “Sunabaa yogam”.  If any body has any Grahams in the second house from the Moon except Surya, Raaghu, and Kethu. This implies that, the concerned person would make very good money and wealth by hard work, would be having excellent brain power, and he would come or would be treated to the extent of Raja (King). The 4th one is “Hema-thrumam yogam”. It means that if any body does not have any kind of Graham or Grahams either prior to the Moon or after the Moon. This is normally not good. The concerned person would get lot of drainage of wealth, and would be having a fluctuating life and a tougher & hard life passage. This would be made all right if any Grahams having Kendra- aadipatyam from the moon position in the Raasi. The 5th one is kesari yogam or gaja- kesari yogam. It means, if the Bruhaspathi sits in any one of 1, 4, 7, and 10th Kendram from the Moon house or the Raasi. It is an Excellent Yogam; the concerned person would get excellent name and fame. He would get tremendous wealth. He could defeat his enemies. The concerned person will have excellent brain power and Good “Aaysu” (long living).   

The next Yogam According to Indian Astrology is called as “Asthalakshmi Yogam”. This means Raaghu standing in the 6th house from the Lagna with Guru Kendra Power. Because of this Yogam the concerned person would get excellent happiness and all the happiest moments would be with them always in their life. The next one is “Dharma Karmaathipathi Yogam”. This yogam comes to a person if the 9th and 10th house athipathis join together or having a parivarthhanam .It brings so much wealth, big management positions, name and fame up to the end of their life. The next one is “Akanda saamraajya yogam”. It means if the grahams related to 2nd, 9th, or 11th house gets supreme power in the Horoscope and the Guru (Jupiter) stands in the “kendram” or 5th or 10th house, the concerned person gets long living, good wealth and health and excellent name and fame.  

The next is Vasumathi Yogam. If the “suba- grahams” sit in the uba saya houses that are @ 3rd, 6th, 10th 11th houses, the concerned person would get very big job settlement, tremendous wealth and health conditions. The next is kaala- sarpa yogam. If the Lagna and all the Grahams come inside between Raaghu and Kethu, the above Yogam applies. The concerned person has to undergo the toughest life and he/ she has to develop only by very hard work. 

The next one of Surya Yogam is “vaasi yogam”. This means if any body has any grahams in the 12th house from the Surya (Sun) except Chandra, (Moon), Raaghu, and Kethu.  This Yogam gives wonderful name and fame for the concerned person. The next is Subha ubaya- saari yogam”. It means if anybody has any Grahams prior and after to Surya, it makes the person to have the highest absorbency of wealth, name and fame. And whatever they touch, everything would be a grand success.    

       The next main part of the Yogams is called as “Pancha maha purusha yogams”. The first one among this yogam is “Badhra yogam”. This means if the Budha (Mercury) is in full power in the horoscope or if it stands either in the in the kendram power, either to the lagnam, or Chandra (Moon). The concerned person, would be having a beautiful and tough looking character, excellent income, and having the power of talkativeness too. The next is “rusaga yogam”. This means the Mars is in the lagnam, or powerful house, or having the top most position from the lagna or moon (Chandra) in the” Kendra- thri kona position”, the concerned person would be having a long life, excellent name and fame, defeating his/ her enemies, having the business or job of maintaining and ordering hundreds or thousands of personnel etc., 


       The next is “sasa yogam”. It means having the Saturn in the powerful house, which attracts beautiful education, good wealth, automobiles, big job etc; however, it gives a tough and terrifying character to the concerned person. The next is “hamsa yogam”. It means if the Jupiter (Guru) is standing in a powerful position from the lagna or the” Chandra kendram”, the person gets too much wealth, always. The next is “maalavya yogam”, it means if the person has a powerful Venus (Sukra) and standing in the lagna or the Chandra kendram. Normally, he/ she would be so cute and smart, they would be getting lot of wealth and normally their sexual energy will be abnormal. They will have the highest wealth. 

Maha sakthi Yogam—if the Moon’s position is in the 12th  house from Raaghu, the concerned person, would get highest blessings of the Gods and at the same time, they would be getting very good, wealth, name and fame in their life. They will also get jobs with higher power, Government oriented status and Powers. The next one is called as Maha chakra yogam. Having the Subha Grahams (Budha, Guru, Sukkra) in the Poorana Chandra kendram position, Raaghu in the 3rd house, Mars in the 6th house and Saturn in the 11th house, would yield definite success in the Government related jobs and whoever works for the Government, city or wishes to be elected for some kind of Government related posts, should be able to achieve their targets with some specialized rituals meant for the same from Atharva Veda.    

If the lagna is Viruchigam or Mesham and Raaghu is in the Lagna, and Surya, Budha, Sukra is in the 3rd house, Saturn in the 8 th house, would certainly give lot of problems to have a baby in the family, and also gives Miscarriage, abortion, Uterus related problems and Suklam related problems (sex related problems) etc., The same could be made all right through Atharva Veda rituals. This problem is called Yama Keerthi Yogam. Continuous health issues, Asthma, kidney related issues? This is called as Mahisa Keerthi Yogam. If Saturn and Raaghu were in the 4th house, Mars & Kethu in the 10th house, Surya & Sukra is in the 6th house, would give continuous health troubles. Diabetes, Kidney related issues. Asthma, loosing the mother in the early age is also possible for the persons, those who have the aforesaid planetary position. And there will be no child for the older brother or sister in their family.    

Lot of Drainage of Money/ Bankruptcy? This is called as Dharidhra Yogam. If the Paava Grahams (malefic planets) losing their power and having a Kendra position in the Kundali / Jathakam or if the Pava grahams are in the second house, the concerned person has to loose the wealth always and lot of times it pushes them to be bankrupt. Thirsu Gathi Yogam means having Surya, Raaghu, Chevvai, and Saturn or if they stand in the 5th house, it is really very hard to have children in the family and lot of times chances are there to loose their parents.    

                   Marriage / relation ship issues? If the Raaghu is seeing the 7th Bhaavam or seeing the 7th house owner of the Kundali, the concerned person should be very egoistic character, very tough in their thoughts.  They never want to respect the wife and always they deal their wife as a slave. Sometimes wife may die or divorce may happen and this would be reduced little bit if the Guru/ Jupiter has got good placement in the horoscope.  All the above issues could be controlled through the proper advice from an Atharva Veda Scholar, and not definitely through the so-called Pundits, Astrologers, and Thantrics. With the fact that all kinds of application part of Yantra, Thantra and Mantra Saastraa is given only in the Atharva Veda. 

                  The next is Keerthi Yogam; Getting or attaining the success by an individual’s capacity without the help of others is called as Keerthi Yogam. Basically if the 2nd house lord gets highest power or the 2nd house Lord sits as a Kendra Thirikonathipathi from the Lagna, makes a person to win his/ her Goals to the 100% success. Excellent name &fame. Getting good name and fame is very hard. Hardly anybody is exceptional for the same. Everyone including good Swamijis and so called Swamijis want to get excellent name and fame. The following are the conditions about their kundali to get the same. Having the Guru/ Jupiter Paarvai/ Grace to the fullest extent on the Lagna, Raasi or to the 10th house Lord, or The Lagnaathipathi or Raasi athipati are either Surya/Sun or Chandra/Moon gets highest power makes a person to gain top most name and fame in the community and society.     

              Scientist Yogam or Maha Vigyana Yogam. Basically Surya and the 8th house Lord are the Grahams to make somebody as an Excellent Scientist. If both the Grahams are sitting in the good position or having the connection to the 2nd and 10th house, makes an ordinary man into a great scientist. 

There are further more special Yogams and other aspects of Sukra. Saraswathi Yogam; Having the Guru/ Jupiter to the 5th or 9th house from the Sukra gives a very wonderful education and related benefits for an individual and they would get excellent job.

Maalaviya Yogam; if the Sukra gets top ruling power with Kendra Power, the same is called as Maalaviya Yogam. This is one of the best Yogams a human could get in the life. This position of the Sukra gives, Beautiful body/ Structure, Very charming personality, loved immediately by the concerned opposite sex, Excellent Money, Good life partner, good name earning and giving children, top education, Tremendous sexual pleasures and opportunity to enjoy the same in all kinds of ways, good in Movie, acting, Dance, music related activities, and last but not the least, it would get each and every pleasure of life.   

                 Kalathra Adhrushta Yogam; Having the Sukra in any of the 3rd, 6th, 10th or 11 th houses with good power, would lead to get all kinds of Aishwaryam (wealth) in the life after marriage. Wives will bring100% Good luck. Depends on the position of the Sukra in the chart the benefits or losses would happen. Even lot of Astrologers or so-called Astrologers, do not know this very important secret Idea of the Vedic Astrology. Every one in the Universe would get the Chandra Asthama days in their life for once in every 27 days. In those particular days, whatever they try to do, that too any kind of Important matters or decisions would go in to issues, Problems, or unnecessary delay or some time would lead to litigations etc. 

The meanings and importance of the Placement of having different Grahams in each and every house of the Horoscope/Birth Chart/ kundali are explained elaborately in Atharva Veda. Basically the results would come and the future readings and Predictions for each and every House solely depends on the different combination of the Grahams / planets in different Houses The First Bhaavam / House; as I explained in my old Articles, I have Explained the Importance of the 1st House of the Kundali, also called as LAGNA (Ascendant). Basically the structure of the Human is related to the position of their Lagna. Having the proper transit on the graham Chandra (Moon) by lot of other Grahams would give beautiful body, good attitude, and good luck to live like a Maharaja. Having the Subha Grahams in the 6th, 7th and 8th houses, would give Athi Yogam, means Excellency in the life.    
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To know about more yogams in your horoscope/janmakshar kundali/planets chart and to have a clear vision on your Vedic Astrology charts contact Swamiji Sri.Selvam Siddhar ( Dr. Commander Selvam ). Toll free 1-800-374-3427 or Hindu Temple of Georgia @ 770-447-9393 Ext 0 or email to avtemple@aol.com


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