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  B.V.Rama Krishna Rao.M.Sc, CA
Aug 5, 2015

I Have come from India to my daughter’s house at San Diego CA. During my visit to Los angels recently there at Indian village, I came in contact with your FREE magazine SIDDHI times. I have gone through it and found it Highly informative on religious, spiritual, and devotional topics. Your efforts must be highly appreciated. I request you to send me your FREE magazine SIDDHI times regularly every month.


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Atharva Veda

Lord Shiva created the four Vedas and agamas from his faces. From the eastern side he created Sama Veda, from the south, Rig Veda from the west, Atharva Veda from the north, Yajur Veda and from the top the Shiva Agamas. His disciple and Brahma's son, Sage Veda Vyasa, arranged these Vedas in the sequence and gave the meaning to them. In ancient days, there were only a few buildings and there existed only huge forests. The sages kept a "Guru Kula" which is the base for today's residential school. They gave coaching to students with theories and practical. Those who were ready to undergo the hard rules of the "Guru Kula" survived the tough tests. Vedas and Shiva agamas were taught at Guru Kula schools. Lord Shiva took the incarnation as Aadhi Shankara Bhagawat Patha and checked the arrangements. Among the Vedas, Rig Veda is purely mantra shastra, which tells abut the mantras. Yajur Veda explains how to lead a spiritual life, without interruption from the routine life. Sama Veda is music. It describes about worshipping god with music and get our ambitions fulfilled. Atharva Veda describes how to use the super human power of the god to solve the problems faced by an individual.
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The Atharvaveda is a sacred text of Hinduism, and one of the four Vedas, often called the "fourth Veda". According to tradition, the Atharvaveda was mainly composed by two groups of rishis known as the Atharvanas and the Angirasa, hence its oldest name is Atharvangirasa.

The Atharvaveda, incorporates much of early traditions of healing and magic

The Atharva Veda is less predominant than other Vedas as it is little used in solemn (Shrauta) ritual. The largely silent Brahman priest observes the procedures of the ritual and gives healing from the problems. Though an early text, its status has been ambiguous, due to its magical character. It is found in only in a few places globally. The Atharva Veda practitioners can be easily counted with the fingures of one hand. It is very hard to practise it.

Only by learning the practises of the rituals under an eminent Guru one can practice it. The mantras used in Atharva Veda is different from other three Vedas. A special initiation of the Yaksha/Yakshini Devathas is required to learn the Atharva Veda. The Atharvaveda Parishishtas (appendices) state that strict discipline should be followed as per the rules and regulations set by the Atharva Veda.

The Atharvaveda is considered by many as dark and secret knowledge, pertaining to the spirits and the afterlife. In the Mahabharata, when the Pandavas are exiled to the forests for thirteen years, Bhima, being frustrated, suggests to Yudhisthira that they consult the Atharvaveda, and "shrink time, and hereby compress thirteen years to thirteen days..."

Samhitavidhi, Santikalpa and Nakatrakalpa are some of the five kalpa texts adduced to theAtharva Veda.

Two main post-Samhita texts associated with the Atharva Veda are the Vaitana Sutra and the Kausika Sutra. The Vaitanasutra deals with the participation of the Atharvaveda priest (brahmin) in the Shrauta ritual while the Kausikasutra contains many applications of Atharvaveda mantras in healing and magic. This has a great value in studying the application of theAtharva Veda. The Kausikasutra is again subdivided into two major Thantras. One is Shiva Rudra Thantra or Rudra Yamala Thantra. The other is Vishnu Darmottara Thantra or Vishnu Malya Thantra.Several Upanishads also are associated with theAtharva Veda, but appear to be relatively late additions to the tradition.

The thantras are clearly divided into four parts: Kandas 1-7 deal with healing and general black and white magic that is to be applied in all situations of life, from the first tooth of a baby to regaining kingship. Kandas 8-12 constitute early speculation on the nature of the universe and of humans as well as on ritual, and are thus predecessors of the Upanishads. Kandas 13-18 deal with issues of a householder's life, such as marriage, death and female rivalry, as well as with the ambiguous Vratyas on the fringes of society and with the Rohita sun as an embodiment of royal power. The Atharva Veda is the first Indic text dealing with medicine. It identifies the causes of disease as living causative agents such as the yatudhana, or the krimi, which are called as Virus and Bacteria nowadays. The Atharva Veda seek to kill them with a variety of incantations or plant based drugs in order to counter the disease.The part dealing with the usage of natural plants is called Ayurveda. The Atharva Veda also informs about warfare. A variety of devices such as an arrow with a duct for poison, castor bean poison, poisoned net and hook traps, use of disease spreading insects and smoke screens find a place in the Atharvaveda. These references to military practices and associated Kshatriya (warrior) rites is called as Dhanurveda part of Atharva Veda.

Atharva Veda Starts its verses '' Sanno Devi Rabishtaye Aapo Bhavanthu Bheetaye, Samyo Rabhisravanthu Naha" which means let the Gods be satisfied With the things performed with water and all the things be good in ones life. And it further says whatever one hears; let it be good and safe. Whatever else one sees, let it be good and safe. It further explains the methods of performing poojas, japam (chanting of the mantras) and Yagna (performing havans). The poojas or yagnas performed with the other three Vedas are called as yagna and the prayers performed with Atharva Veda are called as rituals. Pooja is done to get the blessings of the god, but rituals are performed to solve the problem faced by an individual in the routine life.

There are a lot of rituals explained in Thantra. As it is very hard to research the entire Veda, understand and perform the rituals, our ancestors researched the Veda and have given the most important mantras and yantras in a nutshell. The word "mantra" means it is an effect and saves as and when it goes in our mind and the word yantra means a tool to reach the almighty and get its blessings. The Yantra and mantra are to be done together. The yantra will be normally in the form of an engraved metal sheet. But according to the Atharva Veda, the yantras are very different. They may be in the shape of gods images made with different stones or other materials. As it is very hard to learn and understand the complete Veda, our ancestors have approved 256 types of yantras, and mantras. We basically need 16 items in our life to make our life a successful one. They are for education, long life, true friendship good wealth, ever youth, a sound mind in a sound body, a sound minded good wife good children, fame, the righteousness of the words, never changing generosity, strong financial position, the best ruler with the best ruling capacity, peacefulness and true devotion towards the Almighty. These are called as the basic needs for running a smooth family life.

Then the Veda tells about many problems and salvations for those problems. The major problems are Late Marriage, Frictions in the married life/ Divorce Problems, Problems of issueless couples, Problems caused by and for children, Bankruptcy Problems, Carrier/Job Problems, Malpractice case problems, problems caused by Black Eye & Dhrishti, Pilli, Soonyam, Yeval, problems caused by evil forces and their evil effects, problems of Black Magic, Jadoo, Voodoo, sleepless nights, bad dreams problems, problems caused for lovers and their love affairs, depression, influence of bad and evil spirits , frequent accidents problems, evil planets problems, Problems of Bad dreams, Sleepless Nights, delayed success, New born Babies Problems, Partnership Problem, problems caused to and by the properties, problems in brother/sister relationship, Mother-in-law/Father-in-Law/Brother-in-Law/Sister-In-Law Problems, drainage of money Problems and all the other problems. Everything falls under the number count of 256. By having an advice from a Vedic scholar and Siddhar like Swamiji Sri Sri Selvam Siddhar it is very easy to solve the problems. Expecting a salvation from the problem without the help of a scholar is impossible.

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