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  B.V.Rama Krishna Rao.M.Sc, CA
Aug 5, 2015

I Have come from India to my daughter’s house at San Diego CA. During my visit to Los angels recently there at Indian village, I came in contact with your FREE magazine SIDDHI times. I have gone through it and found it Highly informative on religious, spiritual, and devotional topics. Your efforts must be highly appreciated. I request you to send me your FREE magazine SIDDHI times regularly every month.


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     Sri Vinayaka

Sri Vinayaka

Vinayaka is the supreme spirit invoked at the begining of every event for removal of impediments. He is called vinayaka because he punished the evil men and annihilated all obstacles. He holds total sways over all without opposition. He is all in all. Every one has to bow and worship him before launching upon any work, if there were to be no obstacles and beginning its success. He gratifies and fulfils all desires and fruits of works undertaken. That is why he is first worshipped and his blessings are sought. There was a boon bestowed on Him by Lord Parameshwara and the Goddess Parvathi at the time of his birth. He is called Maha Ganaathipati. God Shiva is fond of Him and made Him the presiding force over the Ganaas. He is the destroyer of sins. Vinayaka is the “Ganaara Akshara Devata”. The letter ‘Ga’ stands for wisdom. He is knowledge itself. The letter ‘Na’ stands for moksha or salvation. The term ‘Gana’ therefore signifies the combination of wisdom and salvation which are given by Vinayaka who is the Lord of Gana.

The utterance of the word ‘Ganesha’ the most, illustrious Holy name of Vinayaka brings greatest prosperity to mortals sanctifying and providing them with all marvelous power. One who utter this holy name will find that the ‘Ganas’ settle themselves in his mouth and make him realize the Lord. He will know the reality, becomes free from illusion and sets awakened. So power is the utterance with the intense devotion of the Holy names of Maha Ganapati. Vinayaka is knowledge himself. He is the giver of all vidyaas and salvation to those who worship him with single minded devotion. Lord Ganesha is called “Ek Danta” of single tusk. “Eka” that is Maya or illusion should be rooted out by “Danta” or actual knowledge of reality.

Lord Ganesha’s sixteen names, viz Sumukha, Ekhadanta, Kapila, Gajakarnaka, Lambodara, Vikata, Vighna Raja, Vinayaka, Dhoomaketu,Ganaadyaksha, , Bhalachandra, Gajaanana, Vakratunda, Soorpakarna, Heramba and Sakanda Poorvaja are very famous than many of his other names. If the Sixteen names are read or uttered at the berginning of the learning process,marriage,entrance to a place or departure from it,war and all sorts of work no impediments will occur and Lord http://www.salereplicawatch.co.uk/ Ganesha blesses the people doing so with complete success.

The Lord’s shape is indicative of the fact that for one to become one with Brahman there is no bar. However deformed or in any way deface for uncouth or with any form of disability one can attain the highest. Hence no one should look down upon another of any unshapeliness. Lord Ganesha, for instance punished the moon God for his ridiculing him on that account. He is called “Heramba” always along side of Rudra. Also he makes his devotees prosper and makes him advance of the highest state of eternal Bliss. Further ‘He’ indicates the absolute state of despair and helplessness, on account of lack of succor and ‘Ramba’ signifies protection or safety from all dangers and obstacles. So Heramba is the refuge of the despaired and weak. He is “Soorpakarna” for he lets in all noble thoughts thus filling the devotees with real ideas devoid of delusion.

The paasa or the Noose in the hand suggests the worldy ties complexities and dangers that smother the mortal and as its wielder. He clears his devotees from all that mire. The Ankusa given to him by Indra symbolizes his control over the universe whose affairs He directs with it. He is Vakratunda or one having the winding trunk. The winding trunk denotes the hurdees some and illusive samsara by overcoming which alone con one attain salvation. He is pranava swaroopa Vakra Tundam. The trunk is of the form of Om Kara which is the sovereign means for ending the cycle of births and deaths. Vigneshwara is worshiped in thirty two forms according to the type of siddhi or attainment desired. The Vigneshwara who is meditated upon by the Fake Cartier Watches UK yogis has the trunk drawn towards the chest. The vigneshawara who is contemplated, upon by those who want to become the high ranking yogis is of one tusk with four arms holding the noose and the good in two haring a tusk and bestowing boons with the other two hands while sposting the flag with the emblem of the mouse. He has come out at the beginning of the creation, beyond prakriti and purusha.

He is yogi raja sevitam and yogi saaed salli bhavitam that is worshipped and served by the yogis of supreme position and meditated upon by them. When the trunk is drown sideward that aspect of Vinayaka bestows material and spiritual riches while preserving the devotees of that form in the path of virtue and making him prosper in every way of these forms of Lord Vinayaka, the Ganesha which is represented as Vallabhanayaka is supreme in every aspect. He is of red colour in this form. He is sitting in padmasana pose. In this shape holding the pitcher of ambrosia bedecked with jewels and gems, with the trunk down sideward, his Maya Shakti in feminine form seated on the left. He is Phalachandra that is having the moon on his head indicative of immortality. In this aspect of Ganeshwara is the supreme Lord. It beholds everyone who desires prosperity and plenty in this world to meditate upon Vallabha Ganapathi, who is the ultimate; hence it is that Vallabheswara is worshipped by all who want siddhis or fruits of various types.

Vinayaka is seated in the moolaadhara charka. He can be invoked successfully by control of breath, pranayama accompanied by contemplation of the Ganapathi mantra is which the worshipful sadguru should initiate, and the aspirant. So for one to become free from this Bhava Saagara (the ocean of births and deaths), the only way is to pray to Lord Vinayaka, for He is Bhakta priya or lover of his devotees. Gansesh mantras are siddhi mantra contains specific powers of Lord Ganesh. When chanted with the proper rhythmic breathing and sincere devotion, they will yield good results. In general Ganesha mantras will ward off all evil and bless the devotees with abundance,best replica watches prudence and success. Evil spirits dare not to enter the home or the mind of the devotee when Ganesha mantras are recited.

Posted by Siddhar Selvam

Posted Date 09.11.2014

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