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  B.V.Rama Krishna Rao.M.Sc, CA
Aug 5, 2015

I Have come from India to my daughter’s house at San Diego CA. During my visit to Los angels recently there at Indian village, I came in contact with your FREE magazine SIDDHI times. I have gone through it and found it Highly informative on religious, spiritual, and devotional topics. Your efforts must be highly appreciated. I request you to send me your FREE magazine SIDDHI times regularly every month.


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Normally as a Swamiji, I used to speak or write about Vedic Astrology. In this issue I wish to give you a few ideas about Vasthu Sastra and give you all a few crispy ideas about Vaasthu Sastra.These days, we often hear people talking about Vaasthu kala. However, none of us has an exact idea as to what is this Vaasthu shastra all about. Indian Vaasthu shastra is the science of direction that combines all the five elements of nature, namely earth, water, air, fire and space and uses them to the benefit of humankind. It is an art of using these five basic elements also known as Paanchbhootas, for the prosperity of humans.

Vaasthu shastra
is an art that enables us to lead a peaceful life,rolex replica watches by creating congenial living conditions. An ancient Indian art harnesses the energy of natural elements like the heat and light of sun, gravitational force of earth, direction of winds, the intensity of rainfall etc and uses them to balance with the surroundings of humankind. Thus, Vaasthu vidya is the art of molding the natural environment to suit the needs of human beings. Vaasthu shastra is the scientific study of directions that creates equilibrium by balancing the different elements of nature and using them for the benefit of humans. There is a great importance of Vaasthu shastra in our life, as it paves way for happiness and prosperity to knock our doors. Vaasthu is very rational in the sense that it is based on scientific study and not on assumptions. In addition, there is surety about its permanency, as it takes into consideration the directions, which are static. Read further to know why Vaasthu should be followed.

Talking about Vaasthu, the best
part is that, its guidelines are very simple and easy to follow. It can be applied to virtually all sets of constructions, then be it a house, a particular room, temple, commercial complex, industry etc. Vastu extracts the positive energies of the five natural forces of nature, like solar energy of sun, lunar energy of moon, wind energy, magnetic effects of earth etc and balances them to bring harmony in the life of humankind. Consult a good Vaasthu expert, follow the advice sincerely, and then open your arms to receive good luck, health and wealth. These days, the concept of consulting Vastu expert for creating peaceful settings at home and workplace, has gained popularity. This architectural scientific study of directions, more popularly known as Vastu is not new. In fact, it has its origin in the Stapatya Veda, a part of the Atharva Veda. Thus, the origin of vastu study can be said to have taken place thousands of years ago. It is interesting to explore facts about Vaasthu origin. The early principles of Vastu were framed based on observation of the sunrays at different durations during the day. Vastu study has incorporated the principles of sculptures, construction and architecture, as were described in the epics. One can find its mention in different epics like Matsya Purana, Skanda Purana, Agni Purana, Garuda Purana, and Vishnu Purana. References can also be found in the Mahabharata; of different houses built for the kings, which were constructed following Vaasthu guidelines. Even Buddhist literature makes numerous mentions of different buildings based on Vaasthu. It has become a tradition of passing the knowledge of Vastu shashtra from one generation to another.

First, let me explain who Vaasthu is. Vaasthu Purusha is the god for construction of structures and buildings. Once upon a time, an unknown person came into existence and he obstructed the earth and the sky with his huge body. The Devtas suddenly caught the person and threw him below with his face down, and different Devtas held whichever part of the body of the person, the Devtas became presiding deities of that part of the body. The creator, Brahma, had made the person as “god of the house” - ‘Vaasthu Purusha.’

There is another interesting story of Vaasthu Purusha in Matsya Purana. It narrates the birth of Vaasthu Purusha. In an encounter with a Rakshasa called Andhakasur, Lord Shiva became tired and exhausted, and he began to sweat profusely. A man was born out of the drops of Lord Shiva’s sweat. He looked very cruel. He was very hungry and began to make penance to appease Lord Shiva and to get a boon from him. Lord Shiva was pleased with his penance and appeared before him. The devotee prayed to Lord Shiva, “Oh Lord! Please permit me to eat away all the three worlds.” Lord Shiva granted his prayer. He got possession of all the three worlds and was about to eat the terrestrial world. The celestial beings, Brahma, Shiva, and the demons were terrified and they caught hold ASME BPVC PDF
of the devotee and encircled him. Forty-five deities caught hold of the devotee and pressed him down. This Devotee has been in that position ever since that time. Lord Brahma blessed him and said that he would be the deity of all the plots and constructions, and offerings would be made to him. In return, Vaasthu Purusha is said to be taking care of the inmates of the building. Let me narrate the Vedic verse here. “VAASTHU VARCHO MAHA KAAYO KRISHNANGO RAKTA LOCHANAHA. AISAANYAAM MASTHAKAM DHRUTHWA NANAIRUTHYAANGATHAMAARABHETH. AAKUNCHITHA KAVACHAM VAASTHUM UTTHAANAMASUTRAAKRUTHIM.

The variations of the measurements of the rooms in house will result in the following problems. If the master bedroom is improper in measurements, it will create unnecessary problems between the husband and wife. Health related problems would also occur. If the children’s room varies from the measurement the education, physical and mental health of the children will be spoiled. Atharva Veda tells about many yantras for solving these kinds of problems. For example, Amruta Sanjeevini Yantra is to be worshipped for solving the health related problems. The Yantra should be fortified with certain number of “Rasaayanams”, and then only the Yantra should be worshipped. The term “rasaayanam” used in Atharva Veda is entirely different from the word’s usage in Ayurveda. In Ayurveda, the word “rasaayana” means “combination of different chemicals”. However, in Atharva Veda it should be split as rasam+ayanam. Rasam means “juice” and ayanam means “route”. The juice of the specified mantras is to be extracted and the Yantra should be fortified. The mantras will vary according to the severity of the problem. From one mantra to one--hundred and eight mantra. Atharva Veda tells about many yantras for solving different problems. The specified Yantra should be worshipped with the specified mantra. Then only one can get the complete result of it. I wish to state the names of a few yantras that are used widely. For education, “Vidya Sanjivini” Yantra should be worshipped. For solving the problems of visible and invisible enemies and for martial problems, “Satru Naasa karini”, for getting good fortune “Adhrushta Mohini” and there many yantras prescribed. Before doing alterations according to Vaasthu, the consultation from a learned scholar is necessary.

Now let me give some tips regarding Vaasthu for the different rooms in the house.

Vaasthu tips for children\'s room:

The apt direction for constructing children\'s room is west. North or East directions can also be used for constructing kids room. Vaasthu for children room suggests that a married couple should not use East direction bedroom. There is no problem if an unmarried child uses that room. Bed can be placed in the southwest corner. As a part of Vaasthu guidelines for children room, it is recommended to avoid placing the mirror just on the opposite side of the bed. Do not place the furniture sticking to the wall, as it obstructs the flow of positive energy. The study desk should be placed in such a manner that the child faces eastern, northern or northeastern corner while studying. East is the most appropriate direction, as it paves way for enhanced concentration. Avoid placing the electronic gadgets like TV and Computer in the kids\' bedroom. Still if you wish to install one, then for computer, the right place is Southeast corner and for TV, Northwest corner would be fine.

Vaasthu tips for bathroom:

For bathroom construction, the most appropriate location lies in the eastern portion of the house. There must be a provision for proper lighting and cross ventilation. As a part of Vaasthu remedies for bathroom, it is suggested that the geyser should be placed in the Southeast corner. Drainage system should be in the northeast direction. Therefore, it is advised that the taps and showers should be fixed on the northern side. As per Vaasthu for bathroom, the door should not be in the southwest direction of the bathroom. For keeping the washing machine, the suitable directions are southeast and northwest. Bathtub can be placed on the west side.

Vaasthu tips for bedroom:

For ensuring peace in the house, the main bedroom should be constructed in the South direction. While sleeping, make sure that everyone sleeps with his or her head pointing towards the South corner. North direction should be completely avoided, as it acts as a source of nightmares and disturbed sleep. Avoid placing the divine idols in the bedroom. As a part of Vaasthu guidelines for bedroom, if you want to have a bookshelf in your bedroom, then west or southwest corner is apt for this purpose. For constructing the master bedroom, southwest direction is just perfect. Other bedrooms can be constructed on the eastern or northern side of the master bedroom. Square and rectangle shape bedrooms are just perfect for ensuring peace and prosperity. Vaasthu for dining room makes sure that the food you are eating will have positive effects on you and your family. There are plenty of things that are required to be considered, while giving the right Vaasthu remedies for dining room like the proper location of dining room, proper placement of dining table, position of electronic gadgets, the direction you are facing while eating food etc.

Vaasthu tips for dining room:

The ideal location for the construction of dining room is the West portion of the house. Construction should be done in such a manner that the dining room and kitchen both are on the same floor, lying adjacent to each other. Square or rectangle shape dining table is just perfect for the room. Dining table should not be sticking to the wall. The most suitable wall colors for the room are the shades of pink and orange. If you want to place a fridge in the dining room, then southeast direction would be just apt. If you want to make provision for the fitting of washbasin in your dining room, then the right place would be either eastern or northern corner.

Vaasthu tips for drawing room:

The north direction is ideal for the construction of drawing room. As per Vaasthu for drawing room, it is advisable to keep square or rectangle shape furniture. Southern and western corners of the room are perfect for placing the furniture. As per the Vaasthu advice for drawing rooms, there should more of open space in the northern and eastern corners. The perfect place for placing sofa lies in northwest. TV can be kept in the southeast direction and showcase cum almirah in the southwest corner. Seating arrangement for the guests should be done in such a manner that the guests face southern or western direction. Center table can be in the shape of square, rectangle or even round. avoid placing L shape sofa in your drawing room.

Some Vaasthu tips for kitchen:

Vaasthu for kitchen takes into consideration various things, which when properly placed, pave way for safety in the kitchen. Some of the essential determinants considered are proper location of the kitchen, direction and placement of doors and windows, placement of cooking gas, gas cylinder, sink, refrigerator and other electronic gadgets etc. The ideal place for the location of kitchen is the southeast corner. An alternative can be the northwest corner of the house. As per the Vaasthu remedies for kitchen, certain directions, which are a total no for the construction of the kitchen, are: Northeast, mid-north, mid-west, southwest mid-south or the center. Make sure that the cooking platform does not touch eastern or northern sidewall. The best direction for cooking is facing east, as this direction is considered auspicious. No shelf should be placed above the cooking platform. Refrigerator can be placed on the northwest corner in the kitchen. While constructing the kitchen, make adequate provision for cross ventilation.

In the next issue, I will give more tips on Vaasthu for Offices and Companies. I will also explain about the Vaasthu according to the Western countries. I pray Lord Shiva and Vanadurga to shower their entire blessings on all of us for a comfortable living.

Posted by Swamy ji Sri Selvam Siddhar

Posted Date 22.10.2014

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