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  B.V.Rama Krishna Rao.M.Sc, CA
Aug 5, 2015

I Have come from India to my daughter’s house at San Diego CA. During my visit to Los angels recently there at Indian village, I came in contact with your FREE magazine SIDDHI times. I have gone through it and found it Highly informative on religious, spiritual, and devotional topics. Your efforts must be highly appreciated. I request you to send me your FREE magazine SIDDHI times regularly every month.


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RAMESHWAR There is a holy place in south India called Rameswaram and the presiding deity of that holy place is called as Rameshwar. Here the devotees of Lord trustytime Eashwar and Lord Maha Vishnu assemble to worship and have their holy bath in the sea. Pilgrims www.lv-handbag.org all over the world come and visit the temple of Rameshwar. The names Ram and Eashwar combined to denote the grace of Lord Rama and the Lord Eashwara. “Sri Rama” is one of the incarnations of Lord MahaVishnu, who came to world and save the people from Demons. Demons were Asura by birth. They did so many atrocities and cruelties to the people. “Seetha Devi” the wife of ‘SriRama’ was forcibly lifted by Asura “Ravana”. When Seetha and Sri Rama were living in the forest, the Demon ‘Ravana’ came and shifted Seetha to Sri Lanka Where the Demon’s palace was situated. The country ‘Sri Lanka’ is a big island. Sri Rama sent his Devotee Anjaneya to search his missing wife Seetha. Sri Anjaneya is also called as ‘Hanuman’. ‘Vayudeva’ (the wind god) is his father. So, Hanuman had his talent to fly upon wind. When he was on search of Seetha he found her at ‘Sri Lanka’. Hanuman brought the good news to Sri Rama, who immediately planed to invade Sri Lanka and bring back his wife Seetha. King ‘Sugreeva’, the king of monkeys is also the devotee of sir Rama. Sugreeva had his monkey regiment in a large number. They planned to build a bridge over the sea to reach Sri Lanka. The great task was taken by Sri Rama and his younger brother Sri Lakshmana. Because, it was the time to meet the Demons at the battle field, Sri Rama decided to worship Lord Eashwara and get his blessings. In an incident similar to that, Lord Eashware happened to give boon to one Demon called “Basma Asura”. He did a penance worshipping Sri Easwara. The penance was with strong mind and power and it took several long years. On the final occasion lord Eashwara appeared before him and asked the Demon to demand his boons. The Demon asked the Boon in a tricky manner that if he happens to touch any body’s head, that person should turn to ashes on spot. There was no other go, for Lord Eshwara. He granted the boon. The Asura thought that if he could destroy Lord Eshwara him self, then he could rule all the worlds and space. So, he attempted to touch the head of Lord Eashwara. Lord Eashwara ran towards sea end hills and . The Demon followed the Lord fastly and chased. Lord Eashwara quickly met Lord Maha Vishnu in ‘Vaikuntha’ the residing place of Lord. The help was sought by Lord Eashwara. Looking to the critical position, Lord Maha Vishnu turned himself as a beautiful maid and stood before ‘Basma Asura’. The Demon after looking to the charm and beauty of the maid, he followed with eager to get the maid. He was very fond to reach the maid. The maid then began to dance and asked the demon if he could challenge this dancing competition. He said ‘yes’ and began to dance exactly as per the steps and actions exposed by the maid. The maid was none other than Lord Maha Vishnu in “Mohini” avatar.
On a crucial stage of dance and the most difficult poses to be exhibited, the maid touched her head for herself. The Demon was fully engaged in repeating the poses the maid. Unknowingly he had to touch his head for himself. The boon was granted on the basis that up on the world, and up on head of whom so ever he touches, they have to meet the death by fire and turn to ashes. The Demon fell dead and turned as ashes. The danger followed the Lord Eashwara came to an end. And the Lords were happy to come out successfully from this trouble and . In such a manner, there could be no difference among them. The people should show devotion with pure heart and get the blessings of Lords. Incarnation of Lord Maha Vishnu is “Sri Ram Avatar”. Maha Vishnu born as first son to king ‘Dasaratha’ on this world. The name suited to him was “Sri Ramachandra”. In short form the people say as “Rama”. Incomparable divinely powers noted in the Vedas, are Lord Eswara and Lord Maha Vishnu. The worship we do to Lord Eswara will go to Lord Maha Vishnu and www.replicamaker.net . And the worship we do to Lord Maha Vishnu will positively reach Lord Eswara. There is no difference in the both and it is a united form of nature only. On this ground, the obedience, politeliness and the respects are very often exchanged between them in all the crucial junctures. Omega Replica Watches

Here Lord Maha Vishnu as ‘Rama’ worshipped Lord ‘Eshwara’ and built a big bridge to Sri Lanka and went to the island where he met ‘Ravana’ and killed him in a war. ‘Seetha Devi’ was brought back and they reached ‘Ayodya’, the country of ‘Sri Rama’. Here Rama’s worship is marked and the “Rameshwar’ a sacred place on this world is giving the grace to all of the human beings and other lives.

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